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Work with the Australian Partner of Internationally recognised cutting edge, powerful, user-friendly and scalable Workhub safety compliance software for businesses of all sizes in Australia and New Zealand.

Safety Compliance doesn’t have to be a headache.

The Workhub software helps solve common issues with  business compliance. From onboarding workers, communicating policies and operating procedures, competency assessments, through to workplace screening and inspections, staff training and incident reporting. There are all sorts of documents and record-keeping required.

Workhub helps with repetitive administrative  tasks, data entry, spreadsheets and forms. Easily manage your data, forms and workflow tasks, to ensure all staff always have the proper knowledge and skills.

The Workhub software helps simplify your organisation’s compliance management tasks.

Learn how Workhub helps solve common issues for small business compliance:

I never know what rules to follow!

Everything in one place

We put all your local safety regulations and guidance at your fingertips when you sign up, and we keep it updated so you always have the latest versions.

Team involvement seems impossible!

Workhub keeps the team motivated and involved

You’ve never seen safety software that works this good or looks this good. Most users are able to use it with minimal or no training. Plus, the software has reminder emails, automated task assignments and progress bars already built-in to help keep the team motivated, involved and active.

I never know where we’re at with compliance!

Workhub ensures you don’t fall behind

Progress bars, reports and more will help to get a quick picture of where you’re at. The software is good at making sure you don’t fall behind!

How do I know if we’re using it right?

Support when you need it

When you work with Safety Hut, you get the support of an experienced safety compliance pro. We keep an eye on your compliance as well, and we’ll let you know if you’re falling behind in important areas.

I don’t want to have to learn another platform!

Software that is super easy to use

Our partnered software Workhub is as easy to use as social media… more likely easier because we don’t change it every two weeks! Plus, we set up the software initially (for free) to meet the needs of your business, including all your documents and features ready to go.

Easily manage all your Safety Compliance in one place.

Use the features you want and add more any time, as your needs grow with your business.
Contact us to discuss the features you may need to cover your compliance requirements.

Training Icon

Online Training

Fully populated online training videos (included free), specific for Australia. Plus you can add your own!

Certificates Icon

Certificate Tracking

Fully track any type of employee certifications – from drivers’ licenses to first aid!

Policies Icon


Publish and edit all your workplace policies with version control and employee acknowledgement tracking.

Procedures Icon

Operating  Procedures

Publish workplace SOPs to improve consistency and quality.

Competencies Icon

Competency Assessments

Create assessments based on the criteria that are vital to you.


Workplace Screenings

Increase security with custom workplace access forms. See who’s on site at any time.

Inspections Icon

Inspection Management

Schedule inspections for select asset categories or locations. Automatic notifications & action item lists created when issues found.

Incidents Icon

Incident Reporting

Near misses and actual incidents are easy to report, with full management over documenting the issue and logging the steps taken to rectify it.

Action items icon

Action Items & Tasks

Manage tasks for each employee with full supervisor oversight.

Safety meetings icon

Safety Meetings

Easily track your safety meetings, topics addressed and attendance.

& Alerts

Keep everyone updated in the app and with SMS and email notifications with read receipts.

Suggestions Icon


Allow employees to easily submit suggestions to improve the workplace. You can allow voting and commenting.

Subordinates Icon

Supervisor Oversight

Allow supervisors to look after the compliance of their teams.

Localised Regulations

All your local safety regulations and guidance comes preloaded so you always have the relevant documents at your fingertips.

Safety data sheets icon

Safety Data Sheets

Maintain the list of materials at your workplace and produce labels with QR codes for easy material handling lookup.

Audits Icon

Audit Preparation

Self-audit before the auditor shows up.

Professional Testimonial

We trust Bruce!

The thing about Bruce is that he seems to know exactly what clients want and his innovation is impressive. Bruce has a high level of emotional intelligence and is prepared to back himself and commit time, energy, and resources into the development of new products being confident they will be in demand.

Bruce knows how difficult it is for most organisations to achieve and demonstrate Work Health and Safety due diligence. He tells me often that this is because the leaders are so focused on core business and are preoccupied with the internal and external pressures impacting their capacity to deliver, they take their eye off health and safety.

John Fleming
Principle Health and Safety Advisor, Disability Services Queensland

YOU matter to me

Bruce is an experienced safety consultant with a gift for helping organisations implement and maintain complex programmes successfully.
From implementing safety software, through to helping solve other common issues organisations experience with training and compliance.

Add-on Services

  • – Custom Safety Videos
  • – Advice and Consultation
  • – Policies and Procedures Development
  • – Audits
  • – And more!


  • – Workplace Health and Safety Queensland
  • – Security & Risk Management, Wide Bay Institute of TAFE
  • – Advanced Diploma of Occupational Health & Safety, SAI Global

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